There is no watch, put your wallet away...
(but there is a free gift so keep reading)

  Okay humor me...  Let’s suppose you were interested in purchasing a watch. And let’s imagine I pulled out a watch brand called Buzzinga. You’d never heard of this brand before. The watch looked nice enough. Seemed like it kept time.

So you asked the price.


I tell you it costs $15,000.

What would you do?

You’d probably laugh in my face. Because unless this watch included a free car or the Hope Diamond on it's minute hand, it would be impossible for me to sell you on the idea of buying a $15,000 'Buzzinga' watch

But what if this watch was a Rolex?

Whether you’d personally buy a $15,000 or $20,000 watch is besides the point. That’s because Rolex has plenty of customers lining up around the block to buy watches for thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. That’s real world proof that people will buy expensive watches.

Is it because a Rolex watch keeps extraordinary time?
No. I’m betting you can easily find a $20 watch right now on AliExpress that keeps great time.

Is it because a Rolex watch is made from gold and other precious metals and gems?
Not entirely. Because you can certainly find other watches made from the same materials which don’t cost as much as a Rolex.

So, why is it that people will spend thousands of dollars on a Rolex watch, when they could get similar watches for less money?

Simple… it’s because of the Rolex brand. People will gladly spend thousands of dollars just to get the feeling that the brand promises. In Rolex’s case, the feelings center around power, wealth and sophistication. In a word, it conveys a feeling of prestige.

And that brings us to one of the most important things you need to know about branding…

Branding is about emotion

When some people think of branding their store, they think of a slogan and a logo. These are parts of branding, yes. But the slogan, logo, colors and everything else that goes into the brand are all designed to convey some sort of feeling.

The whole point of building your brand is to produce the feeling that you want customers to experience when they see, use your products or even merely think about your business.

Why?  Simple: because consumers make purchase decisions based on emotion, and then justify those purchase decisions based on logic. So in order to move your prospects from your catalog pages to the order form, they need to feel something. You need to be tapping their emotional buttons.

Direct-response sales letters do this. That’s why these sales letters often have heartstring-tugging stories in them as a means of connecting emotionally with the reader.

But that's not a practical approach for an ecommerce store 

Your product title and product description real estate space is limited and you can't realistically create a full blown emotionally charged direct-response sales letter for every product in your store!

The other thing you'll have probably noticed is how hard direct response letters try to get the sale NOW...  

Why?  Because as soon as the prospect stops reading the copy it's power fades. It's why direct response copywriters work so hard and deploy every trick in the book (and there are lots of books, I've even wrote a few of them) to try to keep you reading till you buy...  because if they don’t, emotion fades and any chance of a sale is almost certainly gone.

Now contrast that to branding…  When you build up brand recognition for your ecommerce business you won't need to stand there and “sell” a product to your store visitors. You don’t need to artificially create the feelings every time a consumer comes in contact with you.  

You won't need to deploy the direct response marketers shenanigans to get the sale.  

NO... If you’ve done your job (and if you want to become an uber successful drop shipper this is job you have to do) then your consumer will see your store and automatically associate it with the emotion.  That leads to sales and lots of them!

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It doesn’t matter what you’re selling. It doesn’t matter where you’re selling it. Your customers have lots of options.  Most drop shipping businesses that fail do so because they neglected their brand.  They simply blended in with the thousands of other stores in a battle to the death (and it's always death for the store) of whoever can sell for the lowest margin.

Even people who’re looking for the type of products you sell can’t find you, because your store just blends in with the rest.

So how do turn a regular drop ship based store into a place people come back to and buy from again and again?  

By developing a powerful branding strategy that:

  • Sets you apart from your competitors.
  • Gives your prospects a strong reason to buy your products and services.
  • Cements loyalty and turn one-time buyers into lifelong customers.
  • Boosts sales and revenue over the long-term.

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