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Simon Hodgkinson

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JP Schoeffel

We're On A Mission!  Drop shipping is the fuel powering the dramatic growth in ecommerce start ups around the world. Now anyone with a passion to share what they love, a desire to shape their own financial future or to simply sell crazy shit to like-minded weirdos on the Internet... CAN! And it's our mission to help as many of you passionate, entrepreneurial and crazy people do it better.

We've been there. Done it (and we've sold the t-shirts). Together we've bootstrapped (no VC funding here) over a dozen highly successful businesses, sold hundreds of thousands of products into almost every niche that's legal and made millions of dollars in profit.

So we're here to share what we've found. To teach what we know and to make it fun. To spread the word that you don’t need buckets of money. That you don't need to invest in inventory or storage facilities, that you don't need to be full time or to stuff parcels or pack boxes or even work that hard... yet you can still offer thousands of things to millions of people, make lots of cash and have an amazing time doing it, from anywhere on the face of the Earth with an internet connection. And we'd love to have you along for the ride!

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