“Being Invisible is an Awesome Power if You’re a Super Hero – But It’s Absolutely Deadly if You’re a Business Owner…”


Think about the last time you went to the store to buy coffee. You walked into the coffee aisle, scanned shelf after shelf of different types of coffee, grabbed one and walked away.  

I'm guessing there was at least two dozen or more options on those shelves...   So HOW did you choose which one to buy?

  • Was there salesman standing in the aisle trying to persuade you to purchase one brand over the other?
  • Was there someone barking at you like a carnival worker, trying to get your attention?

Chances are, you simply picked your favorite brand...

Develop A Brand Now

...  Maybe it was Folgers or Starbucks or Eight O’Clock coffee or Maxwell House… or whatever your favorite is. The point is, no one sold you on buying a particular product right there in the coffee aisle.  No sales pitch was required at the point of sale.

Instead, you were most likely presold before you ever arrived at the store (because the company had done a fine job of building their brand).  Now buying coffee is just an example. Take a look around at your life, and you’ll quickly discover that branding plays an important role in most of your buying decisions.

And it’s not just you, your prospects and customers, ALL all factor in brands when making their buying decisions.  People buy from those they know, like and trust. And the only way to build up that sort of money in the bank loyalty is by building your brand.

Now here’s the crazy thing…  The brands people return to again and again don't necessarily offer the best options. But people make decisions based on familiarity and trust. They know what kind of experience they’ll get when they use a trusted brand.

Imagine you’re heading down the highway (maybe looking for adventure?) and you're hungry. You see “Bob’s Fast Food Burger Shack” sitting right next door to the golden arches.  Now I don't need to tell you what chain sports the golden arches do I?

If you said McDonalds, ding ding... ten points, you’re right. Just further proof that branding works. Even a five year old can spot the golden arches from a mile away and start screaming for cheeseburgers.  So… assuming you’re looking for fast food and not gourmet dining, you’re going to McDonalds rather than Bob’s Burgers right?  

You know what to expect.  McDonald's have built brand recognition and a reputation for food that is fast and cheap.

How about another example…  Think about an online auction site – QUICK which one comes to mind first?

Now I don't need to be 'Myphisto The Mind Reader' to guess you probably thought of eBay...  There are hundreds of auction sites online, but eBay have built their brand so well that most people couldn't name another one.

How about a search engine?  I bet you thought Google (okay maybe Bing or Yahoo but I know you're a bit of a rebel). 

That’s the power of branding.  It's an incredibly smart way to grow your sales and stand above the pack

When you build a strong brand, you build trust.  You build “top of mind” awareness.  People will buy from you and they'll come back for more simply because they like your brand and what it means to them.

Most struggling ecommerce store owners don’t even think about branding, which is the most likely reason why they’re struggling to begin with...   Others spend time on their 'brand' but they think it's about picking a slogan and designing a logo with pretty colors.

That’s a MISTAKE! Branding is MUCH bigger than that. It's such an important part of you store's success you must pay attention to it now or you're dooming your business before it even gets started...

Point is, branding is really a BIG FREAKIN deal.

And if you want to dominate your market, solidify your long-term growth, and cement customer loyalty, then you need to pay attention to branding today!

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It doesn’t matter what you’re selling. It doesn’t matter where you’re selling it. Your customers have lots of options. Problem is, all this competition makes your products, services and your business invisible in the marketplace.  That's not good right?

Even people who’re looking for the type of products you sell can’t find you, because your store just blends in with the rest.  Right now you're invisible (which is pretty crappy if you're an ecommerce store owner).

So how do stand out?  By developing a powerful branding strategy which:

  • Sets you apart from your competitors.
  • Gives your prospects a strong reason to buy your products and services.
  • Cements loyalty and turn one-time buyers into lifelong customers.
  • Boosts sales and revenue over the long-term.

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